Hard Scale Landscaping

garden paths landscaping Rotherham Doncaster Sheffield

garden paths landscaping Rotherham Doncaster SheffieldAdding small touches to your garden can enhance the size and character of your back yard. Features such as fish ponds, water features and gravel paths may say a lot about your sense of style to others relaxing in your garden.

The process of adding features into your garden is called Hard Landscaping, which covers small and large jobs such as fencing, paving, brickwork, water features, concrete works and lighting.

At GardenForce, our team of experienced landscape gardeners can help you achieve your dream garden, from the erection of a fence for privacy to installing a gravel path for a contemporary feel.

We have put together some of our top tips for preparing your garden for Hard Landscaping features.

  • Plan, plan, plan. If you know you want a water feature or paving in your garden, for example, figure out where it will best suit. A small garden may look too busy with a water feature but a pathway or small paved area may enhance it.
  • Do you want to completely change the design and style of your garden? If you have a modern style garden complete with fairy lights and chrome hanging lanterns, what material would be best to use for a pathway?
  • If you have children or animals and thinking of a pebble or gravel path, will it be safe for them to walk and play on?
  • Fencing is one of the best ways of providing privacy but consider the height and choice of materials. Fences over 6 foot will require planning permission from your local council.
  • If you require extra parking and are thinking of the design, tarmac and block paving are the usual choices despite being less aesthetically pleasing and not environmentally friendly. Try materials such as porous concrete or open concrete grids so grass and greenery can still grow through.
  • Water features can give gardens an extra bit of glamour and also provide a place to attract wildlife. If you want a water feature, think about the size; it may look lost in a large garden but too crowded in a small area.
  • Multiple pathways using a variety of materials will break up your garden and make it feel larger. Lead them to small seating areas to create a relaxing environment.

At GardenForce, we offer landscaping services such as water feature installations, path creations, fencing and multi-level lawns. Speak to one of our landscape gardening experts today by contacting 07963 782 219 or 01709 801875. Alternatively, visit our Contact page.