Garden Maintenance

spring garden maintenance Rotherham Sheffield Doncaster

spring garden maintenance Rotherham Sheffield DoncasterWe always want to ensure our garden looks its best throughout the year, but spring and summer time is when our garden seems more appealing as the sun comes out, grass starts to grow and green and flowers start to bloom.

It is important to always maintain your garden, especially in the run up to the summer months so it is ready for you and your friends and family to enjoy when the hot weather makes an appearance. Spending a few hours in your garden each week helps to limit the amount of jobs, so you don’t have to do it all at once.

At GardenForce, we aim to make your garden perfect for you, working with our clients to make their dream garden a reality. We have put together our top tips for basic maintenance to help you enjoy your garden all year round.

  • Give your garden a trim! Mow the lawn and trim bushes, hedges and plants. This will prevent them overgrowing and doing it regularly will save time in the long run. Before mowing, check the blades on your mower are sharp and well cut. Blunt blades can ruin grass by shredding and damaging the root.
  • It you spot any weeds, remove them straight away. Make sure to get down to the root to prevent them from growing back, or if you prefer, use a strong weed killer. Areas of your garden filled with plants are the most common places for weeds to grow.
  • Warmer days means more slugs, snails and crawling nasties in the garden. Place slug and snail pellets around areas of concern but ensure they are pet friendly.
  • Before planting bedding plants or trees and shrubs, wet the area well and soak the bulbs in a plant pot. Fill the soil hole with water and let it drain away. Once your plant has soaked for a while, place it into the hole, fill with soil and water again.
  • Regularly hoe plant borders to ensure soil is rotated, leaving it soft and open to sunlight and nutrients and to limit weeds.
  • If you have hanging baskets and tubs or pots in your garden, make sure these are regularly well watered.
  • Update old garden furniture so it is ready for use in warmer weather. Plastic furniture can be washed down with a hosepipe or warm water and washing up liquid. Be more careful with wooden furniture and use soft appliances for cleaning.

Gardenforce offers garden maintenance all year round. Speak to one of our gardening experts today by contacting 07963 782 219 or 01709 801075. Alternatively, visit our contact page.