Creating the Perfect Lawn

returfing in Rotherham Sheffield after

returfing in Rotherham Sheffield afterA healthy, well maintained lawn is a focal point for any garden all year round, but during the summer months when your garden is one of the main places for entertainment, your lawn should look and feel its best.

Throughout the year our experienced gardeners help many homeowners across South Yorkshire achieve their perfect garden by laying new turf or maintaining an existing lawn. As well as domestic turfing, we also undertake work for sports pitches and commercial lawns.

To ensure your lawn is prepared and ready for the summer months, we have put together some top tips.

  • When purchasing rolls of turf, work out when you have the time to lay them. Turf should be laid one to two days after purchasing. If you have time at the weekend, buy the turf on Friday or Saturday, for example
  • If you buy turf rolls and don’t have the time to lay them, keep them rolled in a shaded area and water occasionally. If they appear dry when you get them, sprinkle with water.
  • Before laying the turf, make sure the area is prepared by removing old grass, stones and weeds and raking over the soil. After raking, walk over the soil and rake again then dampen.
  • When you are ready to lay your new turf, start from the edge then fill in from the middle. Whilst laying, use boards to stand on so you don’t damage the freshly laid grass. The weight of the board will also help to press the turf down.
  • If you think a roll of turf will be too long for an area, don’t cut it straight away. Place it next to the row you laid before and roll out. If you find there are parts of the turf that are hanging over your border, gently cut away the excess then add handfuls of soil to the area you cut. This will prevent the turf from drying out but also remember to water regularly.
  • After the turf has been completely laid, water the lawn. The best time to water the lawn is early in the morning or the evening.
  • You can cut your lawn after laying new turf but ensure it has been laid for over a week.

At GardenForce, we offer turf laying services all year round. Speak to one of our gardening experts today by contacting 07963 782 219 or 01709 801075. Alternatively visit our Contact Page.