Turf Laying Service in Rotherham

turf laying service Rotherham

turf laying service RotherhamThe focal point of most gardens is a well turfed and maintained lawn. Turf is used for making a garden welcoming, providing space for a seating area for the family and a play area for children, giving any garden a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere.

As with all the turf laying services we provide at GardenForce, we always recommend a good foundation for the turf to adapt to and flourish. This can either be a slow release fertiliser for the steady root development for the winter months, or the level well-draining soil for moss control. Well raked out soil, spread over this particular site, was in excess of 12 tonnes in total. It should be well healed and toed in for firmness and rolled out and re-raked and allowed to settle.

A large amount of rolled turf in this particular landscaping job was required; 180 rolls in total. It is always best to pre place the rolls closer to the site for where it’s going to be laid. This not only helps with the rolling out process but it also reduces the amount of times you need to lift and move heavy pieces of turf, reducing injuries such as back ache. As we progressed on this job we introduced the new rolled turf. Once laid we then walked the lawn with oak planks to bed them in. This helps the rolled out turf soil to come into contact with the fresh soil that has been previously prepared prior to laying.

As you can see from the finished photos, good preparation and a good approach to grounds maintenance is essential for a proper finished lawn. We at GardenForce pride ourselves in our approach to total quality care for all our clients, whether the job is laying a few rolls of turf or a thousand. When we treat all lawns with tender loving care we hope we empower the client to do the same.