Conifer Reduction in Rotherham

conifer reduction Rotherham

conifer reduction RotherhamThe main uses of conifers in any garden is screening and privacy, hedging and shading in the warmer months. However if they are not maintained properly they can become out of hand, which requires further work to fix them.

As you can see from the photo, these conifers were allowed to grow too high and had become so unsightly the owner of this private property was uncertain as to how best to deal with them. By contacting GardenForce we were able to give professional advice on how best to deal with the issues these oversized conifers were causing.

At GardenForce we provide a full conifer removal service. Conifers or lyundia, if kept well pruned and maintained from pest like aphids, are a good sound barrier and are pleasant to look at. If left to grow out of hand they can cause major problems to the surrounding ground structures and lawns, as well as blocking a substantial amount of light out causing a reduction in the nutrient intake to the lawns. This is one of the many reasons why clients wish conifers to be removed.

The landowner did not want them taken all the way out for sentimental reasons, so we decided to take them down to just above the fence height as requested by the client. By doing this, we helped to make the conifers more manageable again and ensure a satisfied client.