Preparing your garden for Autumn

Autumn gardening Rotherham Sheffield Doncaster

Autumn gardening Rotherham Sheffield DoncasterIt’s felt like it for a while with the colder days, darker nights and the decline in weather, but autumn is now officially here as September 23rd marks the autumn equinox (the first day of autumn.)

Autumn is one of the best seasons for gardening but there are little things you can do in your garden to prepare it for the full force of autumn and the oncoming winter.

  • If you have a pond in your garden, covering the top with netting will catch falling leaves which makes it easier to clean your pond and dispose of the leaves. Put leaves on a compost heap, if you have one
  • Although its autumn it is still possible to plant conifers for privacy and shading, as the soil is still warm
  • Hanging baskets and plants can last until the early throws of winter if regularly watered and maintained
  • Tidy up and rotate the soil in your borders to ensure plants and shrubs last longer. As the soil is still warm, autumn is the best time for moving plants around to avoid overcrowding
  • The warmer soil means you can still maintain your lawn by raking leaves and weeds and regularly mowing. You still have time to give your lawn the healthy green colour by spreading feed
  • If your garden is a little overrun with weeds, dig them up. If you don’t remove the weeds in time, once spring comes back around you will have a trickier job of removing them.
  • Put away garden furniture to avoid rust and general wear and tear from the autumn and winter months.
  • Buy seeds for next spring
  • If you planted any new plants, continue to water them and if possible use rain water.

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