Love your Lawn this Spring

lawn maintenance Sheffield Rotherham Doncaster

lawn maintenance Sheffield Rotherham DoncasterWe have all seen the daffodils popping up everywhere and after a long winter, the middle of March marked the start of spring with days staying lighter for longer and the sun setting later. Don’t forget on Sunday 27th March the clocks go forward, fully welcoming spring and preparing us all for the coming summer.

As soon as the sun starts to show and it feels a little warmer throughout the day, one of the first thoughts of a gardener is “I can mow and feed my lawn!” Spring is one of the best seasons of the year for your garden because of the slight rise in temperature and the increase in daylight. You can start to feed your lawn, add new turf on areas which are sparse and after hiding your lawnmower in the garage all winter, it’s time to get them back out again and give your grass some TLC.

We thought we would share some gardening tips from our experienced team of landscape gardeners on how to awaken your lawn from its winter slump and keep it looking its best until autumn and winter return.

  • Before you do anything with the lawn, take the time to rake leaves from grass and borders and remove weeds. Doing this before will decrease mowing time and you won’t have to keep stopping.
  • If you have multiple mowers, ensure you choose the right one for the overall size of the lawn and how it looks at the present time. It is easier to mow small areas of lawn with a push mower but if your lawn covers a large amount of space, an electric or petrol powered mower will get the job done quicker.
  • Aim to mow your lawn at least once a week. If you haven’t gone near your garden with a mower for a long time remember that close cutting can damage grass. We recommend changing the setting on your mower to high, if possible, giving the lawn a full cut and removing old, dead grass.
  • Towards the end of March and early April, you can start to feed your lawn. Feeding will increase grass growth, deter weeds, and help to achieve the true green shade of a lawn which will turn your neighbour the same shade with jealousy! The best time to feed your lawn is before a spring shower as this allows it to soak into the ground and start working.
  • If you haven’t spent much time in your garden for a while, you may notice weeds have taken over. Take time out to remove them, preferably on a dry day. Treat stubborn weeds/pests with weed killer, but remember it takes time for it to work, so don’t remove immediately.
  • Winter and cold weather in general can damage your grass and in some cases even kill it. To avoid bare patches in the spring, purchase grass seed and sow it into your existing lawn. Choosing grass seed to rejuvenate the lawn means you won’t have to bruise the wallet by purchasing new turf.

As spring is slowly creeping upon us, bookings for our Grass Cutting Service has increased. We cover a wide range of Rotherham areas including Maltby, Thurcroft, Rawmarsh, Whiston and Wath. Although our Grass Cutting service is available all year round, many clients prefer to use us during spring and summer.

For more information on our Grass Cutting and Turf services, contact us on either 07963 782 219 or 01709 801 075. Alternatively you can email us at