How to achieve a perfect spring bloom

spring flowers gardener Rotherham

spring flowers gardener RotherhamProfessional gardeners and those who have caught the green finger bug are often unsure on when the best time of year is to plant flowers, bushes and trees and how to do it properly.

There is always something to do in your garden despite the weather and time of year. We prefer the springtime for planting as it is one of the better seasons for your garden and there is a wide range of plants available at this time of year.

Our experienced gardening team have put their heads together to create a list of tips on how to plant correctly, care for them after and to keep your garden looking its best until summer!

  • Before planting seeds or bulbs, ensure you maintain the area you want them to plant them in, such as borders or hanging baskets. For borders, turn the soil and remove any dead flower heads that may still be lurking and treat weeds. Hanging baskets should be filled with fresh compost and placed in an area the sun is most prominent.
  • When buying new plants for your garden, try and pick a varied selection instead of buying lots of the same. This way, your garden will become more colourful and you may even discover a favourite plant which you wish to incorporate each year.
  • After you have purchased your plant selection, we recommend letting them settle in a small amount of water before planting them in the ground. Doing this will allow them to soak up moisture which they may not get from the soil after a cold, dry winter. When you do plant them, don’t smother them in soil and once planted apply a little water.
  • Now is the best time to plant shrubs and conifers as they will grow to the correct height in time for summer to offer shade and privacy. After planting, conifers should be watered regularly until they start to grow.
  • If you’re a fan of roses and your garden is adorned with bushes, you can start to prune them. When cutting, make a slope instead of a straight cut. If you don’t already have roses in your garden but have always thought about it, mid spring is the time to plant them.
  • House plants can be moved outdoors and planted in a prepared border.
  • The most common flower choices for this time of year include Tulips, Daffodils, Pansy’s and Azaleas. These provide the most colour for your garden and don’t require a large amount of maintenance apart from watering.

Spring is an exciting time for gardeners. After the dull and cold winter, colour is finally starting to appear outside, the sun shines more often and there is more to do in the garden. For those who take pride in their garden, being able to spend more time in it really signals the start of the spring and summer seasons.

Our team of gardeners are always on hand to offer advice and tips on how to care for your garden all year round. If you like to keep a tidy garden but don’t have the time due to other commitments such as work or childcare, we can help you. Explore our website for more information on the annual services we offer or don’t hesitate to contact us on 07963 782 219 or 01709 801 075. Alternatively you can email us at

Happy gardening!