House Renovation

house renovation Brinsworth - after

During the winter months, Property Repairs and Maintenance is the most common type of work we undertake at Gardenforce. We closely work with letting agencies and private landlords, and a well maintained property and garden is a key feature for someone who is looking to rent a property.

A recent example of our work:

This property in Brinsworth required a full renovation inside within a two week window.

These photographs were taking before and during the renovation. Previous tenants had left the house, specifically the kitchen, in a state that was unusable and no longer available for rent. The kitchen worktops and counters had to be ripped out, along with the floor as it was rotten, so we could install all new features. The stairs and hallway and main living room had to be completely re-plastered and new carpets had to be fitted, and the front door had to be sanded down and some parts re-built and ready for painting.

house renovation Brinsworth - before house renovation Brinsworth - before house renovation Brinsworth - before

The following photographs show the property after we completed the repairs. A new carpet was added to the living room as well as re-plastering the whole walls. The kitchen was ripped out completely and fitted with new worktops, cupboards and a floor to give it a more modern feel for potential buyers or anyone renting. The carpet on the stairs was taken up and fitted with a new one, as well as new plaster on the walls all the way up, and the front door was given a clean up and freshly painted. Following the repairs, the landlord was able to rent the property back out.

house renovation Brinsworth - after house renovation Brinsworth - after

house renovation Brinsworth - after house renovation Brinsworth - after

This is just a small example of the type of work we do for letting agents and private landlords. We also offer garden maintenance for rented properties all year round.

If you are a letting agency, estate agent or private landlord and would like more information on how we can help you, please call 07963 728 219 (daytime number) or 01709 801075 (evening number)