Gardening Solutions for the Disabled

Gardening Solutions for the Disabled

Gardening Solutions for the DisabledEveryone should be able to enjoy their own garden, no matter what their ability. When considering physical disabilities, such as reduced motor functions brought on by age, there are several solutions available.

More physically demanding jobs can be allocated to a professional and affordable garden service. We have provided services to the Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster and wider South Yorkshire area, such as Grass Cutting, Turf Laying and Property Maintenance, so that the physical strain is taken out of gardening.

For the elderly and disabled, feeling involved in your garden is a large part of living independently, and contributes a great deal to personal happiness and well being.

Here are a few solutions that can allow people with disabilities or reduced motor functions to remain involved in their gardens:

Raised Beds

One of the best gardening solutions for people who have trouble bending down to tend to plants or allotments are raised beds and allotments.  You can even tend to these if you are in a wheelchair.
With a raised bed you can easily tend to a range of potted plants without having to strain, and be just as involved as you would in a regular garden.

Raised beds also have a wealth of other benefits; as well as being easier to manage they can improve drainage, enhance root health and increase soil temperature. And if professionally installed they can look great!

Tools and Equipment

There are now a range of gardening tool manufacturers that provide solutions for people who find using regular tools difficult. Some offer tools like trowels and forks, with secure grip handles and extended reaches. This can be incredibly useful and prevent damage to the hands and wrists.
Bulb planters are another useful tool. They are composed of a small metal cylinder with a handle that can be used for making planting holes without too much physical strain.

Watering cans can be rather heavy and cumbersome to use, but you can purchase smaller ones with control valves that allow you to easily control the flow of water to your plants.

Alternative Solutions

It is also worth thinking about gardens for people with other disabilities, such as those with sensory disabilities. Many people have sight deficiencies and are unable to enjoy the visual aspects of a garden. To counter this we can get creative, and use certain plants that cater for the other senses such as sound and touch.

For example, bamboo leaves are known for their signature rustling sound when blowing in the wind. This is a great way of adding “colour” to a garden for someone with limited sight. As well as plants, you can also add elements such as wind chimes, water features and bird houses to add to the range of sounds in your garden.

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