Gardening in the Winter Months

gardening in winter months

gardening in winter monthsUnfortunately for us and our gardens, the weather is still extremely cold, damp and the threat of snow is always imminent. However there are the odd jobs you can do in your garden during the colder months to prepare for spring and summer.

  • Now is the best time for planting conifers and hedges. They will have grown high enough in time for spring and summer to offer privacy and shade
  • It is also a good time to consider tree felling, as this time of year there are no birds or nests to harm
  • Low maintenance gardening is popular in the winter months. Potted plans outdoors and indoors are less time consuming and easy to look after
  • No dig growing provides a simple solution to maintaining allotments and vegetable patches. Ensure the beds are raised, pull out any remaining roots or weeds, then cover the vegetables back over with compost (homemade is the most cost effective)
  • If you do have a vegetable patch, you can now sow pea tips. Ensure they are planted in an area with good light
  • You can pick out plants for your border or pots in the winter months so you know which ones you prefer to plant in your garden when spring and summer return
  • Draw up plans now on how you want your garden to look later in the year. Do you want an extra bit of turf to relax in when the days are hot and the nights are light? Is there room for a children’s play area or a pond? If you plan in the winter months, you can start to work on your new garden as soon as the weather warms up.

For advice or help on how to maintain your garden in the winter and prep it for spring and summer, send us your questions using the Contact Us tab.