Landscaper in Rotherham Using Turf for the New Lawn

turf laying Rotherham

Believe it or not lawns are every gardener’s bread and butter. We regularly maintain them for our clients to enjoy them at their peak.

We are adept at regular feeding of the lawns, or applying herbicides on them to reduce the common site of the great British weeds.

A lawn laid in the autumn has a better chance of becoming more establish come spring time.

A freshly laid lawn in spring requires more tender loving care to endure the sharpness of our glorious summer.

As you can see from the attached photos we do lay a lovely lawn.

Various methods are used to remove old lawn, these being using a turf cutter or destroy existing lawn using roundup. The later you have to wait 15 days before you can relay a new lawn.

A controlled herbicide which all our workers are trained in to City and Guilds qualifications standards is applied to the lawned area.

The area once dead is scarified and aerated and if required a new layer of top soil is applied to the old lawn area. Helping to assist the developing roots system within the new laid turf, helping to creating a healthy lawn for many years to come.

We lay lawns in sizes ranging from 10 metres squared to 600 metres squared. So size is no problem when new lawns are laid.

After care on all the lawns we lay we can provide on a regular basis.

turf laying Rotherham turf laying Rotherham turf laying Rotherham turf laying Rotherham