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Winter is nearly upon us and should be a quiet time for any lawn, we would advise that  all Foot traffic needs to be at a minimum in order to avoid damage to your lawn.

In winter this can be easy as we spend less time in our garden than any other time of the year.  We can sometimes be caught out though.  A sudden warm spell can cause extra time in the garden with family and a tidy lawn is needed.

lawn care Rotherham SheffieldThe lawn could have had a growth spurt which can happen in inclement weather and the sudden need for a lawn trim is required.  If this is the case, only trim the top third of the growth, avoid cutting the lawn too short.

It’s advisable to avoid over feeding the grass in winter as all fertilisers will speed premature growth that will struggle in the cold spells. Waiting till spring is the sensible option and will give a better start to the warmer seasons.

Keeping your lawn free from debris such as leaves, and your boarders tidy of weeds so not to encourage the spread of these weeds onto the lawn will promote a healthy lawn.  And don’t forget to Plan ahead for aerating the soil in the spring.

If this hasn’t worked for you or you’re planning on laying a new lawn, then the winter months are the time to plan and prepare the soil, dig the soil over and allow the frost to break up it up.  This early preparation will mean you are good to go when the warmer weather arrives in the spring.

Maintaining any garden is all about preparation and planning. And can be very time consuming. If you don’t have the time needed or would prefer an expert to care for your garden then at Gardenforce we have many years’ experience in landscape gardening and property maintenance.  If you would like us to view your garden and give you expert gardening services then please just get in touch.

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