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Garden Design and Landscaping

Designing a landscape garden can be a stressful time as there is a lot riding on making sure it’s perfect and looks how you want it to. At GardenForce we have an expert team who will help you to realise your dream of the perfect garden.

Experts in Landscape and Garden Design

Hiring experienced landscape designers is the best way to get your dream garden. We have plenty of experience when it comes to garden design and landscape and can consult with you on what you want, give you ideas and discuss the best way to implement your plans.

Our landscaped gardens are finished with the best materials and are completed to a high standard so you can be sure that your new garden will be perfect and will give you many years of joy.

There are many kinds of landscape garden designs available, from water features and ponds to multi-level lawns and vegetable patches. Sometimes your garden simply needs to be overhauled, perhaps by replacing older plants or relaying the turf. For this we offer turf laying services to make sure your garden is laid perfectly.

Top team of landscape designers

We can help you decide what you want and help you create the perfect garden, whether you want a beautiful space for planting flowers and other plants or if you want a central feature lawn with plenty of features around it, our landscape designers can provide the best service.

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