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Artificial Turf Laying Service

Artificial Turf is a great way to keep a green space of grass without all of the maintenance of natural turf. Artificial grass can be easily cleaned, and does not need to be mowed at all. At Garden Force we cater for all kinds of garden and property solutions, and we understand that often the most convenient option is the best one.

Say you have many different properties to lease but you do not have time to keep up with the basic gardening maintenance of all of them. An installation of artificial grass is a great solution for this, as you avoid having to juggle simple maintenance jobs between different properties. This way you do not have to worry about unsightly unkempt long grass, especially when you are trying to lease the property to new tenants.

Artificial grass can also be a great solution for the elderly and disabled, who are unable to cut the grass themselves. It is also safe for children and pets. Advancements in technology mean that artificial grass is no longer the same as when it was first introduced. It now looks and feels incredibly much more natural than ever before.

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Visit our short guide on the advantages of artificial turf to find out if artificial grass is the best solution for your garden space.

We regularly update our News section with gardening work involving artificial turf. this is the result of a recent artificial turf landscaping job:

Artificial TurfArtificial Turf Laying in Sheffield







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